1. Still got a long way to go for the 525 Pop Up Shop that’s about to go down in Portland, Oregon!


  2. Congrats goes out to our friend and supporter @shanedorian for being inducted into the Surfer Hall of Fame! Well deserved for somebody that can ride such monstrous waves so gracefully. You rock buddy! #surfershalloffame


  3. The run is done but There’s still a lot of work to be done for @wavesforwater ‘s #sandyreliefeffort please pitch in at www.r-u-n.us for #sandyrelief






  8. Jason did reach the finish line at New York City Hall but this is only the beginning. We humbly ask that you still donate to the cause because after @wavesforwater showed us around the area that #sandy struck, we’ve realized that there is still a lot of work needed to be done. www.r-u-n.us ! #sandyrelief #wavesforwater #newyork #newjersey


  9. Jason is going to rep @rhurley ‘s old apprentice Matt Baker, on CBS New York tonight! @mgbakerco #steeze


  10. Thanks @juicegeneration for all of your support throughout the trek!